Triggertrap v1 and Nikon D5100

I can't get the Triggertrap v1 to trigger my D5100 via IRremote, although the camera responds to a normal ir trigger and triggering by cable also works. Turns out the thing is just broken. Can I get the time back I spent on this?

evening sun

Veratrum nigrum 20 h, available light, f1.8, 1/400, -1 AF: When using TTL, the Nikon D5100 can't synchronize faster than at 1/200, no high speed sync available. Solutions? Different camera or neutral density filter. The Triggertrap flash adapter doesn't help here. 20.54 h, f/1.8, 1/200, -4 AF, SB800 through umbrella camera left: 21.16 h, f/4.5, …