Revisiting Nicola Hicks

Revisiting Nicola Hicks at the sculpture parc Kloster Schönthal. Recovered Memory Crouching Minotaur --- I hope that they will succeed in bringing back Zilvinas Kempinas' Kakashi, which looked amazing in Aarhus. It would be great to be able to see it from above.

Sculpture parc at Kloster Schönthal

Land art at the sculpture parc Kloster Schönthal 1145. See also Recovered memory by Nicola Hicks. How to get there. Nigel Hall: Soglio Peter Nagel: Planet of the pigs   David Nash: Two charred vessels Ilan Averbuch: Whispers Kurt Sigrist: Shelter


Fischmarktbrunnen in Basel, a copy since 1910, last renovated 2004. The original dates from ca. 1390 and is on display in Barfüsserkirche.

Aarhus: Sculpture by the Sea

Lucy Humphrey: Horizon Jakub Geltner: Nest 05 - this year's winner Žilvinas Kempinas: Kakashi Atelier 37.2: New Horizons Susanna Hesselberg: When my father died it was like a whole library had burned down   Femke van Dam: Looking to a Secret World