X100s macro mode: tele converter

See also Raynox DCR-250 for macro, December 2013.

I did some tests and the tele converter is better suited for the kind of macro pictures I want to take (pictures 1-8) than the DCR-250 (picture 9): the pictures are sharper, there is more depth of field available and the tele converter has many other uses apart from macro.


  • drive: continuous H, 6 frames/sec
  • shutter speed 1/1000
  • iso auto


X100s macro mode, Raynox DCR-250

See also Tele converter for macro, June 2014

When I was trying to find out about the macro mode on the Fujifilm X100s I couldn’t find any pictures that satisfied my curiosity. So here are some examples. The pictures are cropped, but apart from that sooc.

My conclusions so far:

  • The X100s in macro mode doesn’t replace a dedicated macro lens
  • Not having to carry any heavy equipment can make up for a part of this
  • In macro mode I’d start at f4, 1/250 and take it from there
  • For real macro, the Raynox DCR-250 seems to be a good solution, see FastBlueSnail‘s and sadata‘s pictures.

FastBlueSnail / Nick from Singapore was kind enough to share some information about using the DCR-250 on the X100s:

  • The depth of field is usually wide enough at F13 to cover the macro subject.
  • I use a Canon 600ex via flash cord and a Rime Lite softbox. Sometimes I will use a second flash gun (slaved to the first) to light up the back of the subject.
  • I also stack a CPL on top of my Raynox to reduce some light glare. It is a very light setup which allows me to do macro without any tripod. I love it.

Update: pictures with the DCR-250:

I’m not completely convinced by it, but it opens some more possibilities.