Fujinon 10-24mm

Day 1 and 2 with the Fujinon 10-24mm on the X-T10.
The pictures are cropped, but I didn’t correct any perspective distortion.

Wildt'sches Haus

Wildt’sches Haus, built 17627/63 by Johann Jakob Fechter for Jeremias Wildt-Socin.
Rosshof, built 1984-87 by Naef, Studer und Studer.


Museum der Kulturen

Museum der Kulturen


Very pleased by the amazing quality – which David Hobby had vouched for.
Basically a lens for people who are too lazy to make panorama shots ;P

What I wasn’t expecting at all is how well it handles close ups:
Münster choir

Very practical: camera comparison

On imaging-resource.com you can compare pictures of a long list of cameras. Really helpful!
Go to Camera Reviews – Compare Images, choose the two cameras you want to compare and the same picture in both columns. Then click on Full Size Image for both pictures to compare the details side by side.

Left: Fujifilm X30, right: Canon PowerShot G1, both ISO 200:


Left: Fujifilm X30, right: Nikon Coolpix S9900, both ISO 200:


Extension tubes MCEX-11 and MCEX-16, with X-T1 and X-T10

In my opinion the extension tubes MCEX-11 & MCEX-16 are not a must if you already have a macro lens, but are useful if you’d like to use your other lenses for macro. The three pictures below are handheld, using both tubes at once, and only cropped to square.

60mm macro with MCEX-11 (Xylocopa violacea on Phlomis fruticosa):

60mm macro with MCEX-16. You can get closer, but for me the MCEX-11 is easier:

Added 2.9.2015: X-T10, 50-230mm OIS II, MCEX-16 or both tubes.
Big advantage: you don’t have to get so close to the subject:

X-T1, 55-200mm, at 200mm, left without tubes, right with MCEX-11 and MCEX-16:

18-55mm, at 55mm, left without extension tubes, right with MCEX-11 and MCEX-16:

60mm macro, top left without extension tubes, top right with MCEX-11,
bottom left with MCEX-16, bottom right with both tubes:

Earlier examples with the 60mm macro and the extension tubes, February 2015.

For comparison: the X100s with no converter / TCL-X100 / WCL-X100.
I’d have expected the TCL-X100 to get closer than the WCL-X100.