Young Fathers on tour

Young Fathers are on tour, don't miss them if they're anywhere near you. The pictures are from their fantastic concert Im Fluss in Basel, playing on a raft on the Rhine.

Bänz Oester & The Rainmakers

Bänz Oester & The Rainmakers im bird's eye Ganesh Geymeier: tenor sax Afrika Mkhize: piano Bänz Oester: bass Ayanda Sikade: drums A really good concert! Manual focus. Looked good in the display, but the microphone is more in focus than the musicians.

Alan Broadbent Trio

Alan Broadbent (piano), Philipp Steen (bass) and Kai Bussenius (drums) let me take some photos during their first song at the bird's eye jazz club yesterday. The pictures are cropped, but otherwise sooc. F2, ISO auto with max. sensivity set to 6400 and min. shutter speed to 1/60. Both are at 1/60 with 3200 ISO. …