Wohnung in Basel gesucht

Wir (m46, f49) suchen eine Wohnung in Basel in einem Nichtraucher-Haus oder im Erdgeschoss:

  • ab 3 Zimmer
  • ab 70 m²
  • Miete bis 1750.- pro Monat, inkl. Nebenkosten
  • grosser Balkon
  • grosser Keller und/oder Estrich

Vielen Dank für Hinweise oder Angebote via Kontaktformular :-)

We (m46, f49) are looking for a flat in Basel in a house without smoking neighbours or on the ground floor

  • 3 rooms or more
  • from 70 m²
  • rent up to 1750.- per month, all included
  • big balcony
  • big cellar and/or attic

Many thanks for hints or offers via the contact form :-)

Fujinon 10-24mm

Day 1 and 2 with the Fujinon 10-24mm on the X-T10.
The pictures are cropped, but I didn’t correct any perspective distortion.

Wildt'sches Haus

Wildt’sches Haus, built 17627/63 by Johann Jakob Fechter for Jeremias Wildt-Socin.
Rosshof, built 1984-87 by Naef, Studer und Studer.


Museum der Kulturen

Museum der Kulturen


Very pleased by the amazing quality – which David Hobby had vouched for.
Basically a lens for people who are too lazy to make panorama shots ;P

What I wasn’t expecting at all is how well it handles close ups:
Münster choir