Alan Broadbent Trio

Alan Broadbent (piano), Philipp Steen (bass) and Kai Bussenius (drums) let me take some photos during their first song at the bird's eye jazz club yesterday. The pictures are cropped, but otherwise sooc. F2, ISO auto with max. sensivity set to 6400 and min. shutter speed to 1/60. Both are at 1/60 with 3200 ISO. …

Triggertrap v1 and Nikon D5100

I can't get the Triggertrap v1 to trigger my D5100 via IRremote, although the camera responds to a normal ir trigger and triggering by cable also works. Turns out the thing is just broken. Can I get the time back I spent on this?

metering methods

Nicandra physaloides Learned from Joe McNally: if I put the D5100 on center weighted metering the background gets brighter. The difference between spot metering and matrix metering seems to be quite small, though. Eschscholzia californica

evening sun

Veratrum nigrum 20 h, available light, f1.8, 1/400, -1 AF: When using TTL, the Nikon D5100 can't synchronize faster than at 1/200, no high speed sync available. Solutions? Different camera or neutral density filter. The Triggertrap flash adapter doesn't help here. 20.54 h, f/1.8, 1/200, -4 AF, SB800 through umbrella camera left: 21.16 h, f/4.5, …