Foldable, portable standing desk

Notadesk Elsewhere is a standing desk with tripod legs.

The height is completely adjustable between 29 and 143 cm.
There are 3 settings for the angle of the legs.

Measurements of the board are 33,5 x 47,5 cm; diameter 60 cm.
Pictured with a 13inch laptop.
Length of the folded tripod is ca. 50 cm.
Weight – as per the website – 3,2 kg.

For reasons of stability there is no ballhead underneath the board, but you can change the angle by adjusting the legs.

Because the board is only attached in the middle it vibrates a tiny bit when you’re typing. I didn’t even realize that from the second time I used it, though.

Thanks for the tip, Simone!
Notadesk Elsewhere is great for small appartments and even portable for working outside.


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