The idea was for some of these to get their own posts, but that doesn’t seem to happen by itself..

Hölstein seen from the Swiss Canopy Crane II, with André, Matthias and Jason.


Camp Adventure tower in Rønnede DK, by EFFEKT and ARUP.


Rådhusplads København, seen from the public top floor of the new CitizenM Hotel

Rådhusplads København.

View from Roche Tower, part of a photo weekend in Basel with Thomas, Dominik, Annabelle, Philipp, Fabian and Jens Peter.
Header picture is the HGK media library from the same weekend.


Train station Basel SBB, seen from Meret Oppenheim High-Rise.

Train station Bahnhof SBB Basel.

Münsterplatz, one of my entries for #MyDaylightMoment19

Münsterplatz Basel.


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