Autumn 2018

Some recent bits and pieces:

Heiniger AG has a discount on some Fujifilm cameras and lenses, until January 10.

One of my photos is on display in Copenhagen :-)

I liked Jardin dès planètes, an installation by Littmann Kulturprojekte:


Jardin des planètes by day. Jardin des planètes by night.

Worth a visit: ‘Wünsch Dir was / Take your pick‘ at Museum der Kulturen Basel, until January 6.
Free entry 16-17 h from Tuesday to Saturday.

The highlight for me
“Figure of a hornbill from Eastern Siberut, Mentawai Islands, Indonesia; around 1910.
Wooden birds are made and erected to tempt spirits to participate in ceremonies and to entertain them. The name given to these birds is umat simagere, toys of the spirits.”

Wooden figure of a hornbill, ca. 1910.


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