New paper and formats for postcards

MOO has new paper and formats for postcards :-)

The square (above) and 2:1 formats (below) are very welcome additions. Haven’t tried A5 yet.

I’m blown away by the new Super paper that I used for the square cards. It’s a very smooth surface, almost chalky to touch. And it makes the photos look like they got additional depth to them. Well done, MOO!

Referral link (20% off for new customers).

Going forward, it would be great if there was a bigger square option, too.

Two postcards in format 2:1.

They also have fitting envelopes

  • ‘Square White Luxe’ is good quality and really white
  • ‘Square White’ is too thin for my taste
  • ‘DL White Luxe’ is, unfortunately, beige as on the product photo


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