Macro with the X-T1, XF60mm, MCEX-11, MCEX-16

XF60 without extension tubes / with the MCEX-11 / with the MCEX-16 / with both tubes.

No extension tubes, f2.4 – f22

See also MCEX-11 and MCEX16 used with the X-T1, May 2015.

6 Replies to “Macro with the X-T1, XF60mm, MCEX-11, MCEX-16”

  1. My guess is: you won’t be able to use it with good results. Is there a shop that sells them where you live? Could you maybe ask them to let you try it? I suppose you have the 60mm.

      1. Yeah I saw that. My concern now is, mcex16 + mcex11 with 60mm how is your distance with the subject? and with the 2 extension gives you already a 1:1 or more?


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