The view from The Shard, London

When I was in London a year ago I didn’t visit The Shard, because at £ 30.- I found it too expensive. But then I saw David Hobby’s trophy shot and regretted it.

So this time I didn’t want to miss it – and got lucky with the weather:


2 Replies to “The view from The Shard, London”

    1. Fujifilm X100s with the wide angle converter, ISO on auto, lowest 200, highest 3200, shutter speed not below 1/40. Next step up would have been highest ISO 6400. Until quite late I had shutter speed and aperture on auto – only for the dark picture I had set it by hand. #3 is f2.8, 1/60.
      No tripod, but for some of the shots I leaned the camera against the window – don’t remember if this is one of them. No problem to bring a tripod, but we had been out all day, so I didn’t have one with me.
      Most challenging: avoiding the reflections in the glass.

      Got up at about 19.30 h, they are open until 22 h which allows you to see the change from day to night.
      It was our last evening – the other days had been quite hazy. Some rain during the day, but then it cleared up; perfect, as there weren’t so many people.

      You can access two floors, both have 360° view: floor 69 is indoors, floor 72 also has glass walls but is open at the top.


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