7 Replies to “x100S and SB800”

  1. Manu, can I ask where you got this bust (or how it is called)? I am looking for something exactly like this, but all that comes up on ebay are funky mae west busts for 800 EUR.

    1. I had been looking for one for a long time, too. I found this one when a warehouse sold some of their exhibition material (https://www.globus.ch). By the time I wanted to tell other local photographers the busts had all gone.
      If you’d like I can ask Globus where they got them?
      You could also borrow mine but I doubt you live close enough to Basel.

      Before that I had a styropore one, but only the head and much less elegant.

      1. Thanks a lot, I’ll keep my eyes peeled for one at the local hat-shops then. And, yes, for the price to ship the beauty to Vienna I could probably buy the Mae West one, but thanks for offering anyway!

      2. Ah, they’re called »Perückenkopf« or »Dekokopf« and cost around 30 EUR – and on amazon a complete mannequin can be had for as little as 50 EUR. Thanks again!


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