X100s: some reviews and an important setting to change

Some interesting reviews about the Fujifilm X100s:

By David Hobby:

By Zack Arias:

As David Hobby mentions in the video and in the comments to his blog post: “[M]ake sure you turn on the parallax compensation for the AF point in OVF mode. Makes a big difference. Dunno why having that “off” is even an option.”

Edit: as of Ver.1.20 “on” is either the default or at least doesn’t get set back to “off”.

As long as you don’t change this the optical view finder doesn’t show you where the focus point really is. See Ken Tanaka’s post (about the X100) for some screen shots.

From the manual:


How to change to ON:

  • Menu -> Shooting Menu -> Corrected AF Frame -> ON


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