Triggertrap mobile and Nikon D5100

Triggertrap mobile app and mobile dongle with cable for Nikon D5100.


  • set to M
  • choose shutter speed and f-stop *
  • lens on manual focus
  • focus manually
  • burst mode / continous mode


  • Click on the sliders icon next to the title Triggertrap
  • Outputs -> Nikon Manual Focus or Universal Manual Focus (both work) -> Done
  • Cable Release: use P or B to test your setup
  • use T to trigger the burst mode – stop it by pressing T again
  • Shutter and Focus must both be on, although you don’t use focus
  • * on the display you see “your camera must be in Bulb mode‘ – this is simply not true. You can set the shutter speed you want.
  • you can turn screen dimming off, but not from within the app: go to the phone’s settings, choose Triggertrap -> disable screen dimming -> On


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