X100s film simulation modes

A comparison of the film simulation modes for the X100s. I have highlights and shadows set to -1. The descriptions are Fujifilm’s own.

  1. Provia/standard – ideal for a wide range of subjects
  2. Velvia/vivid – vibrant reproduction, ideal for landscape and nature
    [I don’t agree! ;-) ]
  3. Astia/soft – softer color and contrast for a more subdued look
  4. Pro Neg. Hi – ideal for portrait with slightly enhanced contrast
  5. Pro Neg. Std – ideal for portraits with soft gradiation and skin tones
  6. B&W – shoots in black and white
  7. Monochrome & Ye filter – slightly enhances contrast and darkens skies
  8. Monchrome & R filter – enhances contrast and darkens skies considerably
  9. Monochrome & G filter – Produces pleasing skin tones in portrait
  10. [No picture] Sepia

Rosa pendulina

X100s macro mode: tele converter

See also Raynox DCR-250 for macro, December 2013.

I did some tests and the tele converter is better suited for the kind of macro pictures I want to take (pictures 1-8) than the DCR-250 (picture 9): the pictures are sharper, there is more depth of field available and the tele converter has many other uses apart from macro.


  • drive: continuous H, 6 frames/sec
  • shutter speed 1/1000
  • iso auto


Zack Arias’ DEDPXL assignments

I’m taking part in Zack Arias’ DEDPXL assignments.

You only can enter pictures made in the period the assignment is open, see the link above about where you can post them; there are several options.

It makes me shoot pictures I usually wouldn’t, which is great.

Boat’s hull:

Museum der Kulturen: